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Tyslos Park Lodge is a family owned and operated wilderness lodge that has been in operation for over 60 years. Nestled on the southern tip of Chilko Lake and surrounded by Coastal mountains, Tyslos Lodge offers excellent accommodations as well as guided horseback tours, fly fishing and bear photography.  Tyslos offer an adventure that disconnects their guest from the hustle and bustle of modern world. Hidden in the untamed wilderness of British Columbia their guest come from around the world to enjoy all of the joy and pleasure that nature has to offer.

About the site
Tsylos.com was built on the latest Drupal 8 platform. Originally built on Drupal 6, we migrated the site to Drupal 8 and redesign the look and feel of the site while adding mobile responsive design to enable cross-device compatibility.  Branding wise we added layers of depth to Tyslos' color scheme and enhancing the rustic feel that come to represent the lodge. We put their spectacle photos of the surrounding lake, rivers, and mountains as the main focus to drive traffic and generate a lead for the site.  Working with our SEO partners we were able to increase the site ranking which led to a sizable uptick in views and conversion.

RainyTownMedia’s coding is elegant, working, and best of all, bug-free. They developed our used car back-end system 5 years ago and it has been going strong ever since. We have recently contracted them to modify our SMS framework and it has been quick and painless. They have been a pleasure to work with.



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