By Rainytown Media / August 1, 2018

Useful Tools That Can Improve Your Site Traffic

The results doesn’t stop once you’ve effectively launch your site. Regardless of whether you built your site to feature your

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By Rainytown Media / March 6, 2018

Optimized WordPress Websites

WordPress is a free Content Management System to download and use, which helps in developing exceedingly engaging sites or blogs.

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By Rainytown Media / October 11, 2017

Web Usability Best Practices Across Devices

As more and more users are accessing the web with their touchscreen smartphones, mobile web development keeps growing every day.

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By Rainytown Media / August 5, 2017

Design your website

To design and build a professional, practical website that features your company in its best light is fundamental to the

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By Rainytown Media / July 23, 2017

Things to consider for Mobile Website Development

Nowadays, users expect websites to simply work. That expectation also translates to mobile website browsing. Last year it might have

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By Rainytown Media / July 15, 2017

Mobile Websites vs Mobile Apps

With all the buzz surrounding mobile websites and mobile applications, its hard to know which one is best for your

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By Rainytown Media / July 2, 2017

What are multilingual sites?

Why so many languages? Canada’s official languages are English and French but in reality many people also communicate and engage

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By Rainytown Media / June 22, 2017

Usability tips for E-commerce Websites

According to Jakob Nielsen’s research (, 2016), the success rate of popular e-commerce websites has risen by 16% in the

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By Rainytown Media / May 29, 2017

Ecommerce sites in Drupal and WordPress

When we think of ecommerce websites, large-scale shopping sites like Amazon or Ebay probably come to mind as examples. Although

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By Rainytown Media / May 26, 2017

Designing for Mobile: 3 Key Elements

Mobile website optimization is becoming increasingly important for businesses. But how do you design a mobile website that is both

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By Rainytown Media / May 2, 2017

Magento 2 vs. Shopify: Which is better?

Selecting the most suitable ecommerce platform for creating, managing and maintaining an online store is of a critical importance, as

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By Rainytown Media / April 28, 2017

How to create a successful website!

These tips can help you to create better and more successful websites. We suggest to ask a web developer if

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By Rainytown Media / April 18, 2017

Why Pick WordPress?

Why Pick WordPress? WordPress initially gained a following as a blogging tool.  Since its inception, WordPress has since grown into

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